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  • JustyJusty
    Ninja, Sensei (Ninja Blocks Inc)
    Ninja Block's YouTube Channel :

    Hi Ninjarinos- I'm moving these into their own individual threads, and.. the 'Videos' topic. Of course I shall leave your comments untouched.

    Here's a link to a playlist on YouTube:

    Here is a list of the episodes so far:

    Project One - Intruder Alerter:

    Announcements / Special Videos
    Dan's Modules Teaser:

    Modules Interview:

  • Video content is great! except volume is way to low...

    You guys rock!
  • In the "Project One - Intruder Alerter" Video - how was the AUDIBLE alarm sound generated? ... oh I watched the last bit of the vid. and it looks like it was the mobile phone SMS notification that right?

    Is there an audio / siren actuator available?
  • very nice. is that the one you used?
  • askpeteaskpete
    Key Master, Ninja, Sensei (Ninja Blocks Inc)
    No, that's just what ebay siren 433 returned me on google! I think @justy just added that as an effect for fun.
  • @askpete - have you had any sirens working that we can get? I suppose I should search before asking that question... sorry...
  • I was thinking of getting a 12V (with 240V adaptor) or 240V siren and switching it with a wattsclever socket.
  • askpeteaskpete
    Key Master, Ninja, Sensei (Ninja Blocks Inc)
    @damo we have samples from suppliers that work. TBH we don't really know what the interest in Ninja sirens would be and aren't that keen to be the owners of 500 of them ;)
  • Quick question, in the first video he uses the button to shut the door. I'm guessing that was fun just for the video, but I'm interested in actuators that could be made to do work such as close a door, or move objects somehow. I would really like an actuator that when supplied power, extended or contracted a telescopic arm. Are there any tips or info about such actuators?
  • A telescoping motor-driven arm is commonly called a "linear actuator", used for opening/closing gates. There's a fair bit of variety, so google "linear actuator" and see where you get. In terms of driving them in two directions (extending and retracting) and controlling their speed, you'd be looking at getting some controlling circuitry - Pololu make some great easy-to-use motor driver kits for this purpose. However, this is getting into the electronics side of things - I'm not sure what you can find that'd just be plug-and-play.
  • @askpete - you could just tell us which ones work so we can source them ourselves... be good to include in that wiki you guys are going to set up...?

    @smersh - that's a good idea, although I was secretly hoping for a battery powered one to facilitate easy installation
  • @redrum a Linear Actuator + Ninja Breakout Kit will do the trick. .

    [Edit] Whops... just read Niel's post yup, what he said!
  • askpeteaskpete
    Key Master, Ninja, Sensei (Ninja Blocks Inc)
    @damo its hard to say the ones we get as samples are the same as the ones on ebay - the enclosures for this cheap stuff come from part libraries, so a similar enclosure is only an indication that they are the same. Basically the cheaper it is the more likely it is to work!

    BTW that one I linked to looks promising.

    Also note that you are going to probably want to power receivers with a plug pack. It requires a level of smarts not usually in these products to not drain the battery in a couple of weeks.
  • JustyJusty
    Ninja, Sensei (Ninja Blocks Inc)
    @smersh Thanks! I'll investigate the low audio issue; Normally it's normalised so that it fills the entire dynamic range of volume, but I'll double-check that's taking place. Also, since the first batch of videos I've acquired some better audio (and video!) gear so look for improvements in the forthcoming videos.
  • Sirene: you have a running pc . server , email client pc ...
    Ninja: In the event of an alarm you send a email to a special alert email adress e.g. . rule : alert --> email . take a client like thunderbird. ADDON MailAlert. now in case of email you can play a sound or even start a programm on your pc. (should not be taken too seriously but it works)
  • In Tutorial Six - Watts Clever Socket Actuator I couldn't get the panel up that lets you click on Watts Clever, the way the video described.

    I found it would appear if I also used the remote control for the Watts Clever socket. I don't know if its just me, but small omissions like this really colour my initial ninja experience